The dynamic display provides a bold, eye-catching draw for passers-by.
Ambient Media Display
Herman Miller RED

When Herman Miller RED decided to open a showroom in Manhattan, they were looking for a way to create a link between RED's successful e-commerce website and the new store. We created an interactive installation which projects graphics driven by the activity of website users as they browse and buy furniture online.


The installation reinforces the connection between RED's virtual and physical stores. As an ambient information display, it allows people working in the physical space to be constantly aware of the activity of their online customers in a subtle, peripheral way.

This project was recognized with a Silver award in ID Magazine's 2002 Interactive Media Design Review.

Client: Greg Parsons, Herman Miller RED
Design, Software: Gorbet Design, Inc.
Macintosh networking: Paul Makepeace
Backend XML scripting: Darcy Brown

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